Painting is such a beautiful way to experience the world, but like many creative outlets, it can be intimidating when you first start out.

Having spent my childhood doing ALL the painting-by-numbers and spending hours on end sketching in front of the TV, art has always been my outlet. I was too shy to sing or act or play music in front of an audience, but painting was something I could do in my own space, for myself.

Like most people, art wasn’t billed to me as a viable route through the world so I slowly let it slip away and into my adult life practically forgot all about it. But as I spent more and more hours working and less and less doing anything relaxing, let alone creative, I knew something was missing and something was going to have to change.

So over the past few years I’ve been slowly trying to build art into my daily life.  I began by going to an evening beginners’ painting class which immediately re-lit the fire and reminded me what I had loved about painting as a child – the ability for time to stand still and to be fully immersed in the process of painting . Over the years I stole time to paint, using my holiday allowance to take days off to go to painting classes instead of going on holiday, running to life drawing classes after work, often having to miss classes because of an urgent deadline.

I’ve since spent blocks of time studying in Florence, London and Barcelona, but have been largely self-taught, taking what I learnt from different teachers and books and putting it together to try and make sense of it. So there’s no fancy art degree, just a firm desire to make art a part of my daily life and to share what I’ve learned to hopefully give others the confidence to keep at it and keep learning.

This blog is a personal exploration of the artworld and the process of developing a regular art practice, without the heavy label of ‘Artist’. I write about anything that takes my interest – from what we can learn from artists from the past, to finding the lesser known corners of art history, to tips and techniques, as well as sharing my own daily painting practice.